Peer Discipleship

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Peer Group Discipleship

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Peer discipleship is simple. With a group of 2 or 3 people of the same gender, do 3 things:


Each person shares what he or she has heard from God in the word and in dialogue with Him.
Come prepared to share a journal of what you learned in the passages of scripture you read the past week and what God is saying to you. Then share specifically how you can obey what the Holy Spirit has taught you from the Bible and is directing you to do in the coming week.


Each person spends time repenting of their sin and believing the gospel. Share with one another how you have sinned against God this past week. The accountability questions below are a helpful tool and will give you some questions to consider. Be specific, but spare the gory details. You don’t need to contextualize why you did what you did. Just state what you did, and then share your heart motivations behind the sin. Eye contact is important. After sin has been confessed, the listener names the offense and speaks the forgiveness of Jesus, then blesses them in the opposite spirit. Again, eye contact is important. Spend time speaking out loud to each other the good news of Jesus’ work for us. Avoid advice. Keep confidentiality.

Accountability Questions

These questions are examples. You will know which ones to answer (Hint: they are the ones that hurt).

  1. How has your anger or fear or anxiety or addiction shown up this week? How does that reveal what you’re trusting in besides God?
  2. How have you wasted time?
  3. How have you felt yourself resisting obeying God this week: in your mission to the lost? In your sacrificial love for community?
  4. In light of God’s love toward you, do you need to reconcile with somebody? Are you subconsciously holding a grudge?
  5. How have you battled sexual or intimacy temptation and how are you preparing to deal with it next week?
  6. How has the Holy Spirit been testing and growing you this week? Did you respond in faith or grumbling?
  7. Is anything (school, work, technology, etc.) isolating you from important relationships?
  8. _______________________________________________(Your personalized question)
  9. Final question: Did you lie when answering any of the previous questions?


Each person shares opportunities they have to share the gospel in the coming week.
Talk about how your relationship and spiritual conversations have gone with your non-believing friends. Share how you plan to weave this person into your community. Then pray for them by name for God to save them.

Adapted from “Life Transformation Groups,” The Austin Stone Community Church. Credit to Todd Engstrom and Neil Cole.