Worship Service


10:14am -11:44am @ Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School, 40 Woodland Ave, Beverly MA


Experiencing the Presence of God in Community

The Harbor is both a “haven for the broken” and “launch to the nations,” and that vision is reflected in our Sunday service.


It is a safe environment that we can comfortably enter without dressing ourselves up–on the inside or outside.  But we come to church with high expectations, believing that we won’t leave the same as we came in.  That’s because an encounter with the God of the Universe through a personal relationship with Jesus can heal and transform every one of our lives.


Our services are also a launching point for us into our God-given callings and destinies, both as individuals and as a community.

What to Expect at a Typical Service

Come a little early for coffee and to meet some new friends. Dress is casual, so wear whatever you will be most comfortable in.  For more details, see our FAQ.

Order of Service

1. Call to Worship
2. Worship
3. Blessing the Children (for more info, check out Compass Children’s Church)
4. Prayer
5. Offering
6. Announcements
7. Family Moment or Testimony
8. Message
9. Worship & Response




Inclement Weather

In the case of a snowstorm or other inclement weather, check the homepage for information about service cancellations or modifications.

A Word about Snowy or Icy Conditions

Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School is located at the top of a hill.  During snowy or icy conditions, steep streets such as Kernwood Heights or Green Street may prevent easy access to church.  Instead, use Livingston Ave (which intersects Bridge Street at the stop light) to access Woodland Ave and the school.